Pisound impedance and "fx loop" questions

Hi, couple quick questions I’d appreciate a definitive answer to as I’m looking to get a pisound whenever they’re in stock. I’ve searched around but haven’t seen a good clear (to me) answer.

  1. Impedance - with standard guitar pickups, won’t the impedance mismatch cause treble bleed or other negative effects? I have read a bit about adjusting the input gain to compensate, but this seems like a different issue maybe. I know generally we want to go from lower impedance sources to higher impedance inputs. I have some things that will work as DI boxes, and 1 guitar with active pickups which should both result with good impedance values going into the pisound. But what about standard pickups? I would prefer to avoid plugging in an extra DI if possible. And that sort of brings me to my next question…

  2. Is it possible to build sort of an “effects loop” around the pisound? Considering the IO is stereo, can I do something like this using something like this https://www.amazon.com/TISINO-Splitter-6-35mm-Stereo-Quarter/dp/B073SQ21CT? Example:

Fx 2 is probably an amp sim. Alternatively, I was thinking I might use an amp sim in the loop (analog) for high gain sounds, and then fx3 becomes my clean amp, thus I can switch “channels” by using the switcher. And if so, I guess I’d just need to be careful with the impedances and input gain on both ins. And of course, fx 4 needs to be stereo in, whatever it is. Am I crazy?


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The Gain knob on Pisound has a wide gain range that should allow hooking up various sorts of guitars.

Yes, you may split out the stereo channels to two mono ones, but keep in mind that volume potentiometers are stereo ones, so it might be tricky to match the required volumes for individual channels.

Awesome, thanks for confirming the loop. It is a bit complicated maybe, but nice that its within possibility. I’m also looking at some of the work I’ve seen others do in getting IR loaders to run in MODEP. Is this coming in an official MODEP update possibly at some point? I have seen you guys pull in updates from MOD sometimes. The high gain sounds are decent, but could be better, IRs would help a lot.

Re the impedance question, I’m still not sure. I believe that clipping isn’t an issue because the gain is adjustable. But my admittedly basic understanding is that if the impedance, which is a variable apart from input gain, if it is an inappropriate value then certain frequency loss can occur. I don’t think simply turning down the gain will solve this, but again, I am not sure how it works in practice. Just some comments I’ve read. No matter, active pickups or a DI box solves it anyway.

Thanks again for being so responsive.

Yeah, I think you’ll have to see how it sounds in practice - if necessary, you may add something in between the guitar and Pisound to bring it closer to the regular line level.

We do sometimes update MODEP with new stuff from MOD. At the moment we’re progressing on some other projects though. :slight_smile:

Anyone who could make sense of the stuff in https://github.com/blokaslabs/modep-debs would be welcome to contribute to updating MODEP. :wink:

Does it mean that small lavalier microphone (300ohms impedance) can be used without preamp here ?

Hey, i would like to see your modep patch. I want to try the same, but i dont know how to set up the switcher.