Anyone mount a pisound to 3u eurorack?

I just got a rackbrute and it would be super useful to just have the pisound in there

Saw this a few days ago; takes up a bit of rack space but it’s a start.

Yeah I just got a Rackbrute 3U and that would take up about a quarter of it. I watched the assembly videos and it did give me a couple of ideas though.

If you come up with a clever solution let me know! I was already investigating if it’s possible to wire up the 5v from the Eurorack rails to power the Pisound. Since no display is needed this can be much smaller than the Deftaudio 26HP approach

I also find this very intriguing and have started to think about this. I’m not very confident though about powering the whole thing through the Eurorack power supply, i think a Rpi4 + PiSound consumes quite a bit of power and I also had some experiences with audio distortion when power was insufficient or unstable. Maybe it could work if you had a psu with a really beefy 5v part.

On the other hand, if you had enough power, maybe it could also be helpful, since Euro psus are often optimized for stability…



i tried it out today, theoretically it’s pretty simple, you just have to solder the +5v and the GND from the eurorack ribbon cable onto your usb connection, i’ve done so with a type a plug, it worked to power up the rpi, but the 4ms pod that i had lying around only gives out 0.2A through the +5v rail, which i think shouldnt be enough for the pisound, so i’ve only tried out if it powers up at all, which it does. so if you have ample +5v on your rail it could work i think and the build is pretty straightforward.


maybe someone with more indepth knowledge of the hardware could chime in and tell us how much power would be recommended for something like a pi4 + pisound?



found another eurorack psu by chance which gave me 1.0A on the +5V, it seems to work pretty well actually, althouth i’ve only tested it now for a short amount of time…

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ok i’ve tried it now for a longer time and i believe it’s not enough power. i’ve been experiencing audible clicking when powering through the eurorack psu which does not appear when i’m just using a regular usb-power adapter (samsung build which outputs +2.0A). so there’s still some room left for exploration and research…

Wow, didn’t realize how high the power requirements are on a Rpi, yeah my eurorack power couldn’t cover it.