Mono 1/4" input

I understand the Pisound has stereo input but does it support a regular mono instrument cable? I am using Pure Data adc~ to left and right dac~ outputs. When I use a stereo TRS cable I hear my audio, when I use a normal TS instrument cable I hear nothing, unless I pull the cable partially out of the Pisound. I’d love to use standard instrument cable, is there a config setting to control this?

If you insert a TS cable, the signal should come in through the left adc~ output. The right channel should be get shorted to ground by the sleeve. We’ve used TS cables ourselves without issues, could you try using another TS cable?

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@Giedrius thank you so much for the comment. I feel like a dummy. I was using a 3 year old Pure Data patch and in my subpatch where the adc~ object is I was plainly doing “adc~ 2” – to put another way I was unintentionally specifying exactly the channel that will not work with a TS cable.

Thanks for your help!!

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