Is it possible to convert both audio female jacks to line outs?

I just discovered Pi Sound and Blokas and my mind is blown. I am glad I found such thing and my very first question is this:

I would like to convert the audio line in and audio line out to both audio outs.

Is this possible?

For example, I’ll plug a midi keyboard into the Pi Sound module and then I can use both line outs (rather than one dedicated line in and one dedicated line out)

If this is possible, is it an easy solution? Can it be changed via settings or does it need to be hacked-ish to get this working?

You know that both the input and output female jacks on the pisound are stereo, right?

Yes, but I would like individual outs.

Another example.

If I used this Pi Sound module with Mixxx (open source dj software) I would, like to send channel 1 to a line out and channel 2 to the other line out

I guess I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Not sure if you’re using MODEP but you can route audio to each output separately then get a stereo splitter for the output jack.

That’s an interesting idea, I’ll think about that.

Here’s a better way to put it:

Pi sound comes with two quarter inch stereo audio jacks.

Let stereo audio in represent A.
Let stereo audio out represent B.

I would like A and B to be both mono outs

Why? Well, in the example I gave, using Mixxx (dj software) in say, Raspbian OS,

I would like to:
send channel 1 mono out (the first music track) to A
send channel 2 mono out (the second music track) to B
(note this is possible in Mixxx)

That way, in any club setup, I simply plug channel A cable and channel B cable into ANY mixer separately in their own channels, no software drivers needed.

Why would I do this? If I were to using Mixxx on raspi, bringing this to a club would likely have a Pioneer mixer, meaning I cannot download Pioneer drivers to use as an audio interface for Mixxx because they only work on Mac and Windows.

This solution will be clean as all I would need to worry about is plugging in channels A and B to the mixer, ANY MIXER. That’s it, no software driver issues to worry about.

Now, my question is, can A and B be adjusted within the raspi to be mono outs or is there a physical limitation on these audio jacks which make it not possible?

Pretty sure you can’t change the stereo input jack to be an output jack. Someone from Blokas can confirm.

Yes, the Input direction can’t be changed without basically designing an entirely new board. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

You can get cables or adapters to split a single stereo jack into two mono ones, for just a few bucks.
Just search for stereo to mono jack and you’ll find some, although most results will show a 3,5mm stereo jack on one side, which again can easily be adapted to 1/4".