Digitakt Preset examples


I am messing around with the midihub since several days, i’m really scratching my head and succeed to configure with my keystep and digitakt ,digitone and sirin, in order to play each instruments with the keystep.

I’m trying to do some sidechain with kick and the tracks of digitone, but i’m a bit stuck with lot of troubleshootings (for example the level volume don’t increase after the kick played).
Maybe it will be better with a lfo ?

Do you have examples of this kind of presets ?

Also i am looking for some examples of presets in order to plays chords polyphonic with digitakt.

DO you know other websites like this : https://patchstorage.com/platform/midihub/

OR maybe step by step tutorials ?

Sorry it’s a bit confused but you get the idea.

Thanks !

Here’s the patch I use for hooking up the tone, takt, and step. Tone in and out on midi A, takt in and out on midi B, and Step in and out on midi D. MidiHub has the clock, Takt has the prgm start stop.

Tone Takt Step.mhp (793 Bytes)

I had good luck using this technique for side chaining the tone.

You need to use the dispatcher pipe for the polyphonic chords on the takt. Sorry, but I don’t have a patch.



Oh yeah, just remembered. At the bottom of this page are a bunch of tutorials. They describe how to play monophonic instruments polyphonically.