Elektron Digitakt midi loopback trick with midihub

Midihub’s filter pipe has been used to keep only useful data active. Midi tracks can control audio tracks via cc parameters. Details here:

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Hey Jazznbass, i’m about to start working on a digitakt preset of my own. Would you mind sharing your progress so far?

I’m thinking about using midi mode (CC controls) to control midihub Lfo’s. Even create an Arp / Scale lock for reach track.

Essentually using midi mode to program everything and loop it back to the audio channels.

Very simple routing, just add a filter.
Digitakt_loopback_midihub_filter_v1.mhp (102 Bytes)

Maybe there can be a midi channel filter also, in order to disable channels that do not go anywhere else other than the 8 sample tracks. This depends on Digitakt midi settings. Be careful there has to be a dedicated channel for AUTO that corresponds to the “selected” track in order to use all tracks from your controllers easily. I set channel 16 for AUTO but then I have to disable one midi track (I set midi channel OFF to Track 8). Then Track 8 listens only to midi channel 16 (AUTO) and only if it is selected in Digitakt. Other 7 tracks can be used both ways, dedicated and AUTO.2020-07-03 18_01_56-Midihub Editor - Digitakt_loopback_midihub_filter_v1.mhp_