Polyphonic Digitakt/ Octatrack

Hello guys!

New joiner here, just ordered my Midihub and will be getting it in a couple of days, I wonder if anyone has already created a patch to use the Digi or the Octa polyphonically.

Love if you could share some insights on the patch, I think I understand the thought process behind it after watchint the octatrack video Blokas posted on youtube but I would love to hear your insights or get you patch if you already made it.

Cheers to you all!

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Hi David. Welcome.

I am using 2 MidiHubs with the Octatrack and Model:Cycles.
One MH is a split/merge to and from the Octa 1:3 / 3:1.
The other has some MIDI controlled routing changes, scale changes, and ghost tracks.

The M:C is made poly very simply with Midihub, by having multiple Tracks of your DT set to the same sound, on different MIDI Channels. As your data comes through the MidiHub, pipe it througha a Dispatch with only those MIDI channels selected.
You might need to bring the synth levels down once they start mixing in the box.
And you might need a virtual port to allow the rest of your data through so it’s not all squished by that dispatch.

Thanks for your reply! Seems pretty straight foward, I will test it out!

The virtual port is an additional channel to merge be able to send clock, cc messages or other info that the dispatch would cancel otherwise, right?

Have a great day!

It lets unrelated message go through unmodified, it modifies the channels of note on/off messages.

Virtual pipelines are useful for merging streams of MIDI data, also for some reuse of common pipe sections.