Help with a complicated(?) setup

It’s time to put my MIDIHub to better use than just a simple splitter/router.

Here’s what I’ve got:
Digitone - master clock and transport, and controlling a Micromonsta2 on channels 5 and 6. DN also receives MIDI on channels 13-16.

Digitakt - Only needs to receive transport and clock. Sends mute messages on channels 13-16 to the DN only. Doesn’t need to be connected to anything else.

Syntakt - Internally sequenced on channels 1-12. Occasionally needs to be sequenced by the DN or a controller. Doesn’t need to send anything out.

Micromonsta2 - Only needs to receive on 5 and 6.

The DN and ST also need to be able to receive modwheel, aftertouch, pitchbend, and breath controller, on all their respective channels.

Change the MM2 to receive on 15 and 16 so that the DN sequencing them doesn’t also sequence the ST. Only problem with this, of course, is that my MIDI controller would then also control the MM2 and the last 2 channels of the DN. Any ideas on how to essentially have 18 MIDI channels?

Hello & welcome to Midihub.

I think the solution might depend on what you’re trying to ‘control’ in the Micromonsta2:

  • If you only want it to receive say notes & clock, then one solution would be to take the ‘DN-in’, send it to a Virtual Out (say A), then dedicate a pipeline to do Virtual-A-in > Filter >Channel Filter> MM2-out. Then the Filter will only let through those events types you want the MM2 to hear coming from the Controller via the DN*. Channel Filter not strictly needed but might make monitoring easier.
    (* does the DN pass through all incoming events? I don’t know).

  • If, however, the MM2 is getting also CCs then you can use a CC Range Filter to strip out the mod& breath (and only leave the CCs the MM2 wants). I presume it’s not getting PB/AT.

Btw, I’m working on you setting the MM2 to 15,16 which seems sensible given you want to leave open the possibility of sequencing the Syntakt on 1-12 from the DN.

Hope I’ve understood your scenario enough to make a start!

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