Create very custom Scale

my Ensoniq ASRX has its drums layed down on a custom scale that is called the kit mapper and it is imo not editable.
It goes C2,G4,F2,C#4,E3,A#3,G5,A#4,A5,C#5,B5,F5,F2 over a chromatic keyboard layout.
I want to reorder this to a normal chromatic scale C3 to C4 to have it more in a clear structure on my sequencer (Deluge) not that spread.

Do I have to use 12 Note Remaps to achieve that and how to?
until now I only know how to revert a scale with the Note Remap pipe, as given in some YT videos.

cheers Eddy

Such arbitrary remappings will be easy to do with an improved Transform pipe in the coming-soon version, stay tuned. :slight_smile:


In the meantime this hints how to use 4 remaps spanning 14 semitones

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