Multi Channel SC REMAPs, or ported into 1?

Hi. I run multiple channels through copies of the same SC REMAP.
Would it work the same if I VIRTed them all through only one? To free up mapping.
I imagined one SC REMAP pipe wouldn’t like all the notes and channels smashed together. Would it be cool though?

Hey, @feralseed, can’t see why this wouldn’t be cool; after all SC REMAP is only permuting note numbers and it pays no attention to channels.

Plus Manual is quite clear about when there are limitations (Delay:“Each pipe remembers up to 32 notes at a time,)”

I imagine your row of disabled SC REMAP are all the same seq so that’ll be quite a saving!

go for it!

on SC REMAP: learned this the other day:

the Scale Remap pipe keeps track of the case when multiple keys are mapped to the same output note, so that if you accidentally play, say, two adjacent keys, mapped to the same note, the Scale Remap pipe drops one of them, so your sloppy playing is not audible


Now I imagine from the logic of what Giedrius is saying, that that’s when the “multiple keys are mapped to the same output note” are on the same channel. But it might be worth checking.

(What still puzzles me is how he knows so much about my playing skills)


As we likely won’t hear from Giedrius until next week, curiosity got the better of me so:

  • ran an 11 channel sequence through ScaleRemap at 300bpm,
  • between 90 & 180 Notes per sec
  • didn’t skip a beat!

(Should’ve maxed out with a virtual copy & a CH Remap but didn’t think of that then…)

Verdict IMO, yep it’s cool.

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Nice. Thank you for checking it out.

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Yes, it’s cool, a single SC Remap pipe can perform on the entire range of notes and channels. :slight_smile:

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