Inverted channel remap?

Currently trying to get my head around a note duplication issue.

All 16ch of notes come on Midi A → Virtual A

Virtual A->Select just 1 channel->Arpeggiator->Virtual B

Virtual A->Every channel except the arpeggiated channel->Virtual B

Virtual B->Midi out A (All 16ch of notes, except 1ch has been arpeggiated)

The problem is there’s no way to select “All channels except x” via midi cc mapped pipe.
If I send all 16ch + the arp channel, the arp notes and non arp notes of channel “x” interfere with each other.

If I was using the editor I could just type the channels in, but this is for a live performance with no PC. I can’t use channel remaps as I dont know which channel is going to be arpeggiated until I choose it. (Unless I assign CCs to 2 channel remaps and separately do hi/low filters, but then there’s no input range limiting to make sure exactly 1 channel is filtered instead of 4 or none or whatever.

The best solution would be a ch filter object that only filters 1 channel, and let’s you choose that channel by midi CC. Failing that, can anyone think of a workaround?

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Hmm, I can’t come up with a good solution for this with what’s currently available.

What is the device you use to send the CCs?

So I’m writing my sequences on a Toraiz Squid and an MPC One, then I send the midi tracks through the midihub, back to the mpc (so I can record the midihub output) and on to various synths (some routed via midihub again)