Null notes in Scales

Hello there,
Wouldn’t it be nice - since there is already the amazing option to generate custom scales with the SC REMAP modifier - if some steps of the scale could be left at a value of 0, without a note? I found myself wishing for it several times already, even needing this simple feature.


Hey, if a null note ends up getting hit, it should then not be played?

We can say it’s a logic related to Ableton’s custom scales, where you not only remap each note, but also have the ability of enabling and disabling them.
Would be amazingly useful.
Thanks for your answer, Giedrius! :pray:

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Hey @Giedrius … Back to this topic…
Can you think of an alternative way to accomplish this with the existing Pipes?
I swear I tried several times when I needed it but couldn’t find a way.
Maybe you can…
Thanks in any case!

You could use Note Range Filter pipes placed to the left of the Scale Remap pipe to drop the keys you don’t want to play any notes. You may enter a comma separated list of keys like C#1, C#2, C#3, etc…, then when you hit the limit of values it can store, you may place additional Note Range Filter pipes just afterwards, but before Scale Remap and continue listing the notes to drop.

Not too convenient, but it’s a possible solution. :slight_smile:

Hey @Giedrius
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!! It works perfect for this purpose.
I am amazed at how immense my creative pool is getting thanks to my two Midihubs. Unlimited.
Thank you, again and again.