External transpose of a MIDI Sequencer

How to add 2 Midi Notes

I want do add 2 midi Notes
MIDI IN 1 Midi Keybaord
I want to transpose the SEQ via external Midikeyboard.

Please help me
Hajo Liese

I don’t understand the first part of your question.

To transpose your sequencer, you can do it 2 ways.

If your sequencer has a transpose function that is or controlled by a CC then you can just use transform pipes to convert NOTE X to CC FIxed value and send to your sequencer.

If not, then you route your sequence into a MidiHub pipeline that contains transpose pipes. Map a single different midi key to the Bypass argument in each transpose pipe. Each transpose pipe should have a different transpose argument.

Both of these are only momentary. If you want to latch you’ll have to use a loopback or a midi controller that toggles or sends only a set value.

With loopback and latching instead of mapping to the Bypass argument of several pipe you map to the transpose argument only.

In your loopback pipe you would use transform pipe to convert your desired key at a fixed value to whatever you key or CC you mapped to the transpose argument in the first pipeline.

we could help you better with some hardware details.

I have used a lot of hw sequencers, starting thirty years ago with the doepfer maq 16/3.
back then, I couldn’t get dieter doepfer to add any sort of force-to-scale, & all the remote control of the sequencer was with sys-ex strings for which we used a peavey pc1600.

fast-forward to now, & I have the midihub doing the necessary merging & routing (the maq has no soft through) so that a single controller device (doepfer pocket control) can control parameters of the sequencer & the synth(s) beyond it.
the midihub is also applying a force-to-scale to the maq’s three channels on their way back through the hub to the synth, & the midihub modifier I am doing this with is the ‘sc remap’.
this modifier will accept incoming midi controls to alter both the scale type & the root note.
THIS is what you are looking for, I promise you.
there is a simpler transpose modifier too, but the force-to-scale is far more useful.