Can't get clock to 1010music blackbox


thank you very much for the delivery today of the Midihub. Nice design and good looking small box. :slight_smile:

Does have one of you guys the 1010music blackbox sampler/sequencer? I can’t get any clock to this device. Any advice or recommendation how to solve this?

Hey, thank you! :slight_smile:

Have you set the blackbox to work with external clock? Check out page 61 of its manual for the relevant settings. You should use MIDI Input via MIDI TRS In port.

If that does not help, make sure you’re using a compatible TRS to DIN-5 adapter:

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Hey there!

That’s what I tried out so far. It’s the correct cable it’s in use.

(midihub sends 180 BPM, blackbox is running on 120 BPM)

It looks like something is in sending there, but only a reset or so.

The event that triggers the sort of reset must be ‘0xff’ byte (meaning system reset), which is a likely glitch in MIDI serial communication to occur while the TRS connector is being plugged in, just from the noise of the plugging action. It’s not actually sent by Midihub.

Looks like Midihub is set up correctly

Could you try triggering the ‘start’ of the sequence using some MIDI device or via USB? On Elektron devices, I think the internal or external sync depends on whether you started the sequence using the ‘play’ button on the device itself, or whether it received MIDI Start/Stop messages through MIDI cable.


Thank you, now it’s working. :slight_smile:

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Was the MIDI Start message the solution? :slight_smile:

No, it was really just a simple wrong MIDI cable connection by myself. Everything works smooth!


any chance you can take photos of your settings. i cant get tempo to work at all… i have a black box, a morningstar and midihub, :frowning:

Now that there’s a MIDI monitor built in to the editor, do you see Clock messages going to the correct MIDI DIN output from Midihub? If you do, then it’s probably the settings on blackbox that has to be changed. If you don’t, then you have to make sure the clock messages are getting produced. :slight_smile:

I also use blackbox. It works mostly, but different firmware have had an effect on the midi sync I experience. So if it happens again for no apparent reason, try changing firmware version (up or down) and see if it resolve itself that way.

I love the blackbox. I use midihub a lot with it. Setting up arpeggistors that triggers samples on different channels in the BB.

Very useful.

A cool thing is that BB can record and play back CV-signals as well. So if you have modular synths you can trigger changes by samples in the BB. I’m thinking of combining it with modulators in Midihub. If I succeed in making something useful I will share it.

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i see the clock on the midihub and outbound - just cant get the BB to sync tempo via midi in or clock in.

In my experience, some devices are waiting for a MIDI Start message before they start following the external clock, could you make sure a Start message is sent to the blackbox?

Can you send a patch for your setup in midihub. Then I can try if it works on my blackbox or if I can fix it.