Blown Pisound/GPIO?

Hi all,

I purchased a pisound a few months ago, been fiddling around with it.

After soldering a header onto the pisound header and hooking up a few encoders to it, i think I may have shorted 5v to ground and now my Pisound no longer seems to work.

Is there any tests I can do to test that it is the Pisound or the Pi GPIO or anything.

Thanks in advance

Hey, this is a bit problematic, the Raspberry Pi itself is very sensitive to such things happening. You could start with verifying whether Pisound still works with another RPi, or if you don’t have one available, check whether the GPIOs in use by Pisound ( are working.

You’d have to configure them as output pins and set HIGH level to all of them, measure with a multimeter whether you get 3.3V readouts.

I’ve had some of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins stop working from lesser accidents, so that’s why I consider it a very sensitive device.

We haven’t had Pisound stop working yet, but 5V shorted to GND could do damage to its circuitry…

Another thing you can check is the output of dmesg. You may send one to me to take a look whether I can spot any software issues that could be solvable.


Thanks for the response.

I managed to test with gpiotest, and it seems I’ve fried all the GPIO pins somehow.

When I get a new Pi, I’ll retest and update whether I’ve also fried the Pisound.

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