Repairing broken hardware

I’ve got a v1 Pisound that’s been given to me. I mistakenly plugged in the Raspberry Pi’s power supply thinking that was needed as well as the DC jack. I didn’t plug in the DC jack yet and the component indicated in the image started smoking quite considerably. Unplugged quickly and have since plugged in using the dc power supply. The Pi powers up and runs OK but, perhaps unsurprisingly (!), it doesn’t seem to see the PiSound hardware.

Any thoughts on whether this is repairable? What is that component? I’ve done some SMD soldering before so if it’s likely just that component that has burned out I would be up for trying to fix it.

Wow, you must have been given one of the beta units, the next version of units was already without the DC jack. :slight_smile:

Could you make a picture of the board you have and mark the broken component(s)? The layout in above picture may be different, as it’s already the version without the DC jack.

Thanks, yes I think it is a beta. Pulled that photo off the website, it might be a different board but it’s definitely the three legged component that I’ve circled next to the GPIO connections that went on my board. The smoke was pretty clear and now it looks burned.

Here’s some pics of my actual board.


The burned part is MCP1754ST-5002E/CB 5V regulator.

Thanks, have ordered a replacement and will try to repair.

I did it, finally the part turned up after COVID delays and fixed it. Very fiddly but it works. I’m running successfully on a Pi2, but wanted to ask, if I have a powerful enough adaptor will it power a Pi4 on this older pisound card?

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It will probably work, there’s been no information added on regarding the Pi 4, but we haven’t tested it, so use at your own risk. :slight_smile:

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