Argh! I burned my PiSound :(


last Saturday I tried my PiSound (one of the first batches) with my Pi5 and the latest MODEP. I thought it will be good to power the Pi5 with the normal Pi power supply and not with the power supply for my PiSound - that was a big mistake: :fire: :sob:

After the smoke had cleared, I remembered that you should always have a power supply on the PiSound (is this also true for the latest releases?).

My question: Can something like this be repaired or is the card now complete electronic scrap?
I think the voltage regulator has smoked. Can it be soldered out and replaced?

Thanks, Holger

Hi, you must have one of the early closed beta Pisound unit versions - the units publicly released have a different kind of power supply, they are powered from the Raspberry Pi itself, without the DC jack.

Everything is repairable, but it’s probably impractical time-wise.

I did the same a while ago. I had to track down the component that had smoked and replace it. I think I asked around on here to work out what it was but I can’t find the post. It involved soldering a surface mount component so depending on your familiarity with this it can be done.