Unable to connect through USB Hub

Hi there, I’ve been loving playing with MidiHub, but I’m struggling to get set up so I can run my standalone hardware setup, while only plugging in my computer when I want to edit presets.

I can connect to my MacBook Pro the MidiHub just fine when it’s outside of my setup (even using a USB hub), but once I hook the MidiHub up to the USB hub that I use for my main setup, my MacBook can’t find it.

Here’s how I have things set up. Any idea why my Mac can’t find the MidiHub? The MPC sees it just fine, and I can choose and use presets using the button, but I’d really like to be able to set up my presets while the MidiHub was actually connected to the devices I intend to use it with.

Thanks for your help. I’m sure I’m overlooking something simple, but it’s been keeping me from using it, and I’d really love to get it up and running.

What sort of USB hub are you using? Could you try using different sets of cables to connect Midihub to it? (different lengths, try cables with ferrite beads on the wire)

I’ve tried with both a cheap RSHTECH four-port powered hub, and an Anker seven-port powered hub. The USB-A to USB-C cable I’m using may be at fault, I suppose. It works in several other applications, but it might be struggling here. Any ferrite-beaded cables in particular that you’d suggest?

Thanks for your help!

I hope you mean USB-A to USB-B, or at least USB-B to USB-C :slight_smile: Midihub’s connector is the B type.

Any cable with beads is ok to try with.

Also, could you try connecting the USB hub with Midihub and the rest of the things connected to another computer, and see if it’s able to recognize Midihub? This could indicate some software side issue on your main Mac computer, or at least it would help rule that out.

So far the only issue raised in relation to USB hubs and Midihub was due to insufficient power of the hub, as all the devices were using too much power. Could that be the issue? Maybe try disconnecting the rest of the devices from the hub and keep Midihub only.

Ah, I see. I’ve been plugging my MacBook into the USB Hub with the A to C cable, and connecting the MidiHub to the USB Hub with the included A to B cable.

Sounds like I should be plugging the MidiHub directly into my MacBook via a B to C cable and then connect the USB hub to the MacBook as well?

I meant to try and use a different cable to hook up Midihub to the USB hub.