MIDIHub stops responding?

This has happened a few times to me, not too often, though. Suddenly, the devices supposed to receive MIDI messages through the Midihub’s DIN ports stop playing, and restarting the Midihub fixes it.

The last time this happened I didn’t think of trying connecting using USB, to see if the device had completely crashed or somehow responding. that would have been interesting. Sorry.

I see that no new firmware has been release since summer '22, so I must presume that the current version is considered reliable enough. Am I alone experiencing this? Thanks!


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Hey. there’s been no recent reports of any similar issue. It would be great if you could provide as much information as possible on the issue - how easy it is to reproduce, how do you do it, is Midihub connected to a PC or just a power supply, also it’d be great to inspect various parts within Midihub via the Editor’s MIDI Monitor pane to help see what’s going on.

Since my original post it hasn’t happened again, it’s very rare. The Midihub is connected and powered via USB, connected to a passive USB hub, connected to a MacBook Pro. As I wrote the first time, when I realized it was frozen I wasn’t smart enough to try connecting with the Midihub Editor, I’m sorry. This is all I know.

Is it possible the passive hub got underpowered if too much things were connected? (or it might be enough to activate a certain set of functions on connected devices so there’s insufficient power for all of them to operate properly)

Anyway, please let us know if you ever reproduce the problem and provide as much details as possible.

Giedrius so do you recommend that the Midihub is on a ‘Powered Hub’ I’m guessing it doesn’t matter if its USB 3 or 2 ?

You should be mindful of the total power consumption on a particular USB port. If you connect a lot of devices without injecting additional power via a powered hub, issues may occur.

Thank You I have a ‘Monster Hub’ RSH USB3 13 port 72w “overkill” maybe but most of my external drives and other gubbins on MacOS and everything I have plugged into it has worked so.

Yeah this has happened to me too on occasion. As far as I can recall only when plugged into my Mac via USB. When I take it to perform with my DAWless setup I dont recall it crashing.