Shutting down MidiHub disconnects other devices :\

Hi everyone,
I have my MidiHub connected to a USB Hub. It’s a quite powerful one (60W - 5A), USB 3.0 with its own power source. The times I had to switch the MidiHub off (i.e. for updating firmware, or whatever), all the devices -the ones in the USB Hub but also all the other ports, including Thunderbolt hard disks- got inmediatly disconnected.
Has been already reported a power issue like this?
I’m using a MacPro (trashcan) with High Sierra.


Hi Ian, I can’t reproduce this power issue neither on Windows or macOS machines that we have available. Does the same happen if you unplug the Midihub’s USB cable, without turning the switch off?

Hi Giedrius,
Yes, it also disconnects all of my devices when unplugging the Midihub. And occasionally may happen when I plug it again.
In the same Usb Hub there’re lots of other devices but I’ve been working on this setup for quite some time and was not having this behaviour. Actually, before the Midihub I was using two more devices (thanks for helping me to reduce cables!).
I was hoping to use it only with 5-pin MIDI connectors and without connecting it to the computer, but I started to create useful routings also with USB Midi and I’d like to take advantage of those features.
Any clue?
Thanks for your reply!!

Hmm, we didn’t have any similar reports yet, I wonder if it could be something specific to your particular unit or setup. Could you please try experimenting a bit, like connecting Midihub directly to your computer, or unplugging the rest of the devices, put in Midihub, and power-cycle it every time after connecting a device back, one by one. This way we could try to close in whether it’s some combination of the devices that result in this issue. Even the MIDI cable connection may have an effect here.

Do you mean you want to forward data from USB MIDI controllers to Midihub and process it?

Hi Giedrius,

thanks for your reply.
Well, I’ve been making some tests and so far it seems that the power issue has been solved!
I realized that one of the many MIDI controllers was USB-powered but also had the chance of using a power source, so I got one and apparentely the overload was there. I’ll keep testing, of course.
It’s a Nektar Pacer foot controller, by the way.

Yes, there’re many USB-Midi controllers in my setup, so I’m using exclusive channels in my DAW for forwarding data.

Thanks again!

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What USB hub (make/model) are you using and how is it powered?

Most likely is it your HUB and not the MH that is at fault.

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Hi FotoPaul,

It’s a Sabrent 10xUSB 3.0 with 60W-5A power source. All ports are used that’s why it’s reaching the energy usage limit. I didn’t mean it was the MH itself, but the sum of all devices.
I tested the combination of devices and fortunately I realized that one of them (the Nektar Pacer) was using too much power. So it seems the issue is solved.
Anyway, my point was that when adding the MH to the USB Hub, the energy reached the limit. Obviously, it was right about to reach it before the MH.

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Thank you, always good to include the model/make so others might be informed what can be potential be an issues.

The Nektar can be powered by a regular AC adapter which should help.

12v 5a is standard for most USB hub’s , and it of course has it’s limits.