Transpose reset?

As always, pardon me if i have missed something

Is there a simple way to have the transpose value reset to a specific value?

If you could map a cc control to have the transpose reset to say 0 and get back to building it would help in jam circumstances

you could use an external midi controller with a mapped switch, that would send a 0 on the CC that you have mapped it to if pressed. I think the transpose might be -63 +63 tho, so try to experiment with out low and out high for CC value 63. With the help of rescale pipe, the limiter pipe might also work I think. hope that helps already.

It’s possible to get 0 transpose if you temporarily bypass the pipe. A future update giving more control over the mapped parameter ranges will help getting specific values.

What do you mean by get back to building it?

@Giedrius but wouldnt than mean, that once you let the signal pass again, it would be back to your previous state? or will it reset to 0?

I understood it as building up musical progression.
In that sense you would maybe want a button from external controls to move to a specific value, like +64 (0), for returning to original state.

having a potentiometer being able to control and shift the notes, than have an instant move to a specific value. Could also mean to have, lets say 3 buttons with premade intervals, with each +3 from the previous. But thats all more programming of an additional external controller for Midihub.

I came up with the rescale and limiter pipe, if you need to further help the controller to send the right values.

Sorry, meant “building” the jam haha
As in Reset to 0+ transpose and then i can quickly get to another transpose value.

But yes @ony has the idea in their reply.

I think the answer just to set up a longer set of pipes or simply remember the values as ony said.

i just wasnt sure if there was a quick way to return to a certain value.

If it was a feature for instance, say within the pipeline options there would be Bypass and Transpose and being able to have an additional parameter of say “Reset Value” would be excellent.

so at the press of a button not bypassing the transpose but returning to a sort of known entity, for me reset to 0 (but you could set it to whatever value +12)
and then you could always dial in an amount of transpose that would work for your workflow.

While messing around with programming it’s easy enough but when doing a live jam i tend to have to use up valuable pipeline space or Midi mappings.

i use the beat step pro and sometimes i find i can run out of available mappings if a particular patch gets big, again was just being lazy i think haha


While Transposes is bypassed, the notes will play at +0, you may tweak the amount parameter during that time, and then enable the pipe again to immediately jump to a new value. Just another way of achieving this. :slight_smile:

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