Lower transposition please. No, no... **even** lower

Hey folks, apologies if this was requested elsewhere - I did spend some time searching!

The MIDIHUB is a great tool that I’ve barely started to scratch the surface of, but I had one use in mind when I purchased it that has, unfortunately, not worked!

I’m hoping that the team will consider allowing the transpose option to go even lower. I need to pitch something down by 4 8ves into the -2 range (to control MIDI/DMX hardware, if you’re interested).
I don’t think the distance is the issue as pitches in the 3rd 8ve are transposed to -1 easily enough, but it cuts off when we get into that -2 range.

Would love have a solution to this so I can show off my rediculous synchronized lighting ideas :wink:


hey Liam!
welcome to Midihub, I’m sure you’ll get some wonderful things out of it.

I’m not sure quite what your task is or whether it’s a support question rather than a Feature request.
@Giedrius will no doubt pick this up tomorrow, but in the meantime:

Transpose can drop a full 127 semitones so 4 octaves = 48 is well within it’s scope.
I’ve just tried it with

  • D6(=98) > -96 (8 8ves) > D-2(=2)
  • C6(=96) > -96 (8 8ves) > C-2(=0)
  • B5(=95) > -96 (8 8ves) > nothing cos there is no lower!

Have you checked what’s coming out of the Transpose pipe by looking at the MIDI monitor panel when that Pipe is selected?
Also try choosing View>Note Value Display> Note Number so there’s no confusion between different Middle C definitions.
Your Monitor display will change to reflect your display choice:
Ch. 16 Note On D6 127 becomes Ch. 16 Note On 98 127

When interfacing with devices, keep in mind that they might not be using the same ‘Middle C’ standard. That’s why there’s a View → Note Value Display menu. When there’s too many standards all around, sometimes just working with absolute note numbers is the best option.

Could you let us know some examples of what you’re attempting to do, using integer note numbers?