Increment/decrement Transpose value via cc?

Hello community,

I am relatively new to Midihub, seeing almost anything can be done, so I am wondering about this
(maybe it is supereasy and I just don’t get it):

I am using Midi A IN to route midi notes from my master keyboard to some attached rack synths via Midi Outs A,B,C,D.
Now my Midi keyboard has Octave up/down control, which works great, but I wish I could also use semitones for the attached gear too.

So I found there is a Transpose pipe in MH that can shift notes by semitones, but that seems to have a fixed value at a time.
Is there any way to control that value by increments or decrements of 1?
Like if I sent a CC message to the midihub, the Semitone value would go up or if I sent another CC or value it goes down?

I found this video, around 37 seconds into it the Semitone value is changed, so it seems possible:

Any help very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Not quite like that, @ozark2001:
with Midihub and a controller connected, click on the Map button on the semitones line:

Now the next control you move will map that CC to the semitones.
(the centre position – 64 – maps to 0 semitones)

Okay so I need to do some stuff on controller side to keep sending over the right value, instead of cc e.g. 0 to decrease or 127 to increase… I think I can figure that out! Thanks!

If you want to have Increment/Decrement within MH, you’ll currently need a physical loopback.

How would that work (just in case i cant seem to get the controller to do those exact value sends properly)?

First, is the idea of a physical loopback either using a DIN cable…

…or some USB → USB connection

This is needed because you’re wanting to modify your cc within MH then send it back in as a mapping.

The patch itself roughly will be a slightly simpler version of this one
(which Increments/Decrements Program Changes instead of Transpose semitones.)

the key ideas are:

  1. your CC 0/127 will Transform to some CC 0 → 63 127 → 65
    (a Rescale [0;127] → [63;65] will do in your case)

  2. a CC → Note Transform will be triggered by the 63/65. Its initial Note # will be 64.

  3. the 63/65 will also map to a ‘calculation’ Transpose which is used to add ±1 to the Note#

  4. this ‘shifted’ Note# is then Transformed to a mapping for the Transpose in the pipeline you want to use…
    and the Transform Note # in part 2 (this stores the value ready for the next ±1)

So not exactly “supereasy”!
If you decide to try it, the diagrams linked in the patch description hopefully spell out what the flow is so you can adapt it.

Good luck!


0 to decrease or 127 to increase

have you got a controller that can send a sequence of 0’s and then 127s?

Thanks for the guidance, it does look indeed a bit more complicated than I expected :slight_smile:

i did get some easy patch-changing done on an axe fm3 via midi cc, that allowed for incr/decr patch or scene via cc sends.

Judging from glimpsing over the myriad of stuff in the MH editor I thought there is some “building block” or option that lets one more easily/flexibly manipulate a parameter via ccs.

Would there be any idea for a block/option in the editor to avoid physcial loops and complex pipelines to potentially solve this and similar tasks (like that program change) more effectively in the future?

Yep, trickier cos the task involves both “self-mapping” and storing values

any idea for a block/option in the editor to avoid physcial loops … in the future?

Giedrius recently said something along these line is in progress, so let’s see…

if I get a few mins tomorrow I’ll look and see how simple I can make it.
You thinking of foot buttons with the Axe?