Midi transpose on the fly


Hi - the product has great potential from what I’ve seen.

I’ve been waiting a long time for a particular function: a midi device that will use note information from midi input A to transpose note messages received on midi input B. The transpose amount would be defined by comparing the last received note on input A to a reference note (e.g. C3).

I’ve downloaded the Editor App, which gives the following description for ‘transpose’ A modifier pipe that adds its semitones argument to all MIDI Note On and Note Off events. Other MIDI data is passed through as is. With the Midihub, could the ‘semitones argument’ be defined using incoming midi notes, in the way I describe above?



Hi, welcome to the community! :slight_smile: We are still developing the Midihub firmware and software, at the moment transpose amount can be changed via CC messages. We were planning to support mapping note messages to parameters as well where it makes sense, the code design supports that, so transpose pipe should be usable in the way you describe in one of of the future updates. :slight_smile: