Transpose Octave?

As the title, a simple octave transposition as opposed to the semitone. Anyone???

You mean as an update of the Transpose pipe?
Like by adding a Unit property (which could be semitones|octaves|thirds|etc)?

Is this for ease of mapping?

exactly that yes!

Also cc limiting when mapping i meant to mention.

And colours for pipes :frowning:

Yes! Transpose by octave would be really handy.

Other units would be cool too. Might as well have them all!

Minor 2nd (Semitone)
Major 2nd
Minor 3rd
Major 3rd
Perfect Fourth
Perfect 5th
Minor 6th
Major 6th
Minor 7th
Major 7th

(List taken from Myriad’s (audio file batch processor) Transpose action.

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