Transform Pipe to Clock/SysEx

Hi there. I have a little project going with a nanoloop two (Chiptune Gameboy Advanced) and a Gameboy to MIDI Cable. Im able to receive MIDI Note Off C1 Messages on Channel 1 as Clocks but now unable to Transform these Messages to real MIDI Clock (0xF8). Is it correct that at the moment its not possible via Transform Pipe to convert the Note Off to Clock or SysEx? Does anyone know a solution besides Midihub? Thank you in Advanced.

Actually it is possible to convert Note On or other messages into Clock, by producing a Start message and forwarding it to Sync Delay pipe with -1 (or less) ‘Delay By’ argument.

Note to Clock.mhp (76 Bytes)

SysEx transformations are not currently implemented.


Thank you! This works and I would never have found that out :slight_smile:
the device (gameboy) provides an extremely unstable clock and unfortunately also in half time. so a midi clock multiplier and stabilizer would be helpful :grin: