Transform Notes Setup question

i want to convert specific Midinotes into specific CC

for example
C1 to CC 113 Value 1
D 1 to CC 113 Value 127

while writing it i realized how to (sorry this new Transform is somehow complicated)

just in case someone needs something like this, i attached an example

Midihub_Subh_OR_XOR.mhp (112 Bytes)

Good to hear you’ve come to the solution. :slight_smile: The new Transform pipe design does allow for more flexibility, including achieving your use case in a single action. Maybe it could be documented better? Maybe some brief explanation of how the actual MIDI messages look like would help clarify the operation.

i think it would be much easier to understand if some examples would be given .
Maybe you could develope a preset-system per pipe?

But how would you setup my use-case with just one transform pipe?
I needed two .

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I meant one per CC you want to produce. The previous Transform implementation would have required additional Limiter or Rescale pipes to be placed.

yes true!
I see the power of it