Transform specific notes?

First evening of hubbing under my belt.

I didn’t see any obvious way to transform individual note on/off values to specific other events. In practical terms, I was hoping to transform Mackie control messages to MIDI Start/Stop similar to what I described here: Extra Transform options (NRPN/SysEx)?, but without any SysEx stuff, plus some Pyramid MIDI controls, specifically:

  • MIDI Note on A#6: MIDI Play
  • MIDI Note on A6: MIDI Stop
  • MIDI Note on G#6: CC68 (Pyramid next sequence)
  • MIDI Note on G6: CC67 (Pyramid previous sequence)
  • MIDI Note on B6: CC66 (Pyramid Live Rec on/off)

I was kinda expecting to use the Transform pipe for this, but I had only glanced at the doc, seeing “yeah note on mentioned, start mentioned, cool” and now that I look closer there’s no mention of what note values. Did I miss something obvious (entirely possible of course) or is there no way to do this at the moment?

UI-wise, the closest thing I see to this sort of “translation table” thing is the Scale remap pipe. So I guess I’m basically looking for a cross between Scale remap and Transform pipes. :grin:

It seems that the Zynthian MIDI router could do this except for the clock parts so I suppose I could use it to translate the note on-events to specific CCs that can then further be converted to MIDI clock start/stop, but this gets starts getting more than just a little crazy :sweat_smile:

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You can use CC / Note range filters, as well as CC and Note remap pipes to keep only the CC values you like to use for the transform. Use limiter or remap pipes to produce the required values too.

So for such functionalities, you have to use several pipes in sequence.

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Ack, thought there might well be a way with those, guess I was hoping for something less laborous. :sweat_smile: Properly wrapping your head around the pipe concepts and the possibilities is going to take a while, it’s a little bit like Scratch with a slight flavor of Brainf*ck, whereas I’m more at home with C. So laborous being relative and very subjective, in the meanwhile I cobbled up a translator with a Teensy board :smile:

Anyway, with that little bit of encouragement it’s now working with MidiHub too. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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