Transform function on Poly Aftertouch data

Hi, just ordered a Midihub. And i hope it can help me solve a firmware problem with my Roland A50 midi keyboard. The problem is that the poly aftertouch data is sent 3 octaves above the keys pressed. I have solved this with the transform function in Cubase, but i hope i can do the same with the Midi Hub.

I have looked at the transform function in the software but not sure what the argument 1 and 2 means. Is it possible to offset the poly aftertouch data by 36?


Hi, yes, that’s possible.

PolyAfterTouchMinus36.mhp (123 Bytes)

The Filter pipes are used to split the incoming MIDI stream into one containing just Poly Aftertouch messages, the other containing everything but Poly Aftertouch, forwarding them to the output. The first Transform converts Poly Aftertouch messages to Note On, then uses Transpose -36 to lower it down by 3 octaves, then another Transform converts it back into Poly Aftertouch.


Thanks alot! Looking forward to testing this out next week when I get mine!

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