Midihub as midi patch bay

Hi- I’ve wanted a box like Midihub for decades! I play an Akai EVI horn synth controller and have wanted more customization of harmonies from single lines from my electric horn. I’ve needed low latency and low hassle in live performance. I got my midihub a couple of days ago and it works absolutely great for tharmonization.

But there’s so much more in this little box. It’s got me wanting to replace my centuries old JLCooper midi mixers with the midihub. I simply want to change program change x to program change y and send it out to different sound modules. The transform tool seems like it would work for this. I’ve tried different combinations of the parameters, but I’m missing something- (I’m afraid I don’t understand the use of before, after or replace … or really much about the logic of the paramaters) If I’m missing some available documentation or anyone has ideas on how to make this work, I would really appreciate your thoughts.


Here’s a screenshot of the parameters and a sense of how I was thinking of setting up the virtual mixer:

The Mode controls whether Transform pipe replaces the ‘what’ type message entirely, or inserts a brand new message, before or after the original message.

Looks like the Transform pipe alone will not work for this, as it can’t detect a particular Program change number to perform the appropriate mapping.

Could you let us know some examples of particular mappings, including input and output ports, you’d like to get done? We’ll try to figure something out for it :slight_smile:

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I appreciate your reply and the very helpful and creative nature of your forum.

EVI Horn controller sends program change #1 > Midihub input A
Midihub changes program change #1 to 2
Midihub sends new program #2 thru output A

                                               Midihub changes program change #1 to 3
                                                    Midihub sends new program #3 thru output B

                                               Midihub changes program change #1 to 4
                                                    Midihub sends new program #4 thru output C

In this manner, I push one button on the box for my horn controller and it changes three sound modules to a new sound on each. I control the audio mix from the sound modules with foot pedals.

My controller program change box has a maximum of 64 different numbers to send to midihub, but in a normal performance, I probably use only about half of those numbers. Since the program change status byte is primarily used just to reset my sounds at the beginning of a tune or section of a tune, I may be able to chain the program change operations in such a way as to be below the 256 operations limit and clogging the pipes with midi data.

I am also wondering about the conflict between using program change #s to switch the midihub 8 internal memory slots. Maybe a foot pedal through one of my midi switch boxes could trigger the Midihub memory the horn controller program change messages could come through another input.

Many thanks for considering my problem.
Paul M.

Hey, here’s a preset that’d achieve this:

Program Change mapping.mhp (253 Bytes)

First, only program changes are passed through, then the program change number is converted to CC Number (value is not important), in order to enable the ‘CC Range Filter’ pipe in virtual A to work with it. Then there’s filters to pass through only specific values, and transform them according to your mapping needs to send to the correct output.

As for Midihub’s preset changes - yes, you should be aware about the possible conflict if the same MIDI channel and port is used, as configured in Midihub’s settings. So either a dedicated channel, port should be used for changing MH’s presets, or avoid using 1-8 (or 0-7 if zero based) program change numbers.


That’s great help! I had looked at a discussion thread of pc to cc, but didn’t get it and was stuck in categorical thinking about cc.
This is highly useful to me.