Program Change to Control Change?

Just received my MidiHub box and now trying to get familiar with the software.
I have some midi hardware which has 4 push button switches (numbered 60,61,62 & 63) which output Program Change midi commands on midi channel 16.
Switch 60 = Program change 60
Switch 61 = Program change 61
Switch 62 = Program change 62
Switch 63 = Program change 63

I am connecting the Midi out of the above hardware to one of the MidiHub Midi inputs e.g. Input A
I want MidiHub to convert the Program change to a specific Control Change midi message.

Switch 60 = Program change 60 -> Control Change 123 (All notes off)
Switch 61 = Program change 61 -> Control Change 120 (Sostenuto)

Is it possible to do this type of activity with MidiHub?

I have looked at the ‘Transform’ section, but finding it difficult to program what I want it to do.

Yep!! (some tricks but necessary until some direct pipe is available :wink:

Example below; just check if Program change is starting with 0 or 1 (and correct accordingly)

1st line=
Switch 60 = Program change 60 -> Control Change 123 (All notes off)

2nd line=

CC120 is = All Sound Off not Sostenuto
PRG60 > CC120 .mhp (346 Bytes)


Wow! Thank you very much - that works!
Thank you for sending the file - I learnt a lot from this. Really appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re welcome :wink:
Sorry for no details and explanation, do ask if in doubts or for more help.


Why is there 2 transform pipes in sequence? I think you could have used just one to convert CC60 to CC120 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up, you’re right @Giedrius no need for more transformations :wink: one can do it with just one, >CC60 to >CC123 ( can’t remember why I was obsessed with PRG again …)

so… closer look…
1st pipeline (similar on the second):

Filter=only Program Change goes thru
Transform=any Program Change to corresponding CC number
CC Range Filter= only CC60 goes thru
Transform=CC60 to CC123

PRG60 > CC120 v2.mhp (324 Bytes)