Channel pressure to poly aftertouch problem

Hi (and best wiches!), I want to connect a midi controller with channel aftertouch to an ASM Hydrasynth desktop with poly aftertouch. The hydrasynth doesn’t have a general option to convert channel aftertouch to poly aftertouch. I was glad to notice my Midihub does have this option with the ‘Transform’ modifier but it doesn’t seem to work properly or I’m might be missing something.

As far as I could figure it out, ‘note number’ has to be passed to ‘Arg 1’ and ‘Pressure’ to ‘Arg 2’, but the incoming data gets overwritten by the fixed value given in 'Argument 1 and 'Argument 2. the result is that the conversion works only for a single note (note 64: E4 in this example) and the pressure only converts to a single value (64). Is there a workaround for this or should this be fixed in a firmware update? Thanks!


Meanwhile I’ve updated to v1.13.1 (previously 1.12.0), but the issue remains the same.

Hey, currently it does ‘raw’ transform of messages (without any surrounding context) - to convert Channel Pressure into Poly Aftertouch, it’d have to keep track of the last note number played, and use that when producing the Poly Aftertouch message.

We’ll note down to implement a dedicated pipe for this operation.

Indeed, the channel pressure should be converted to poly aftertouch for all the keys currently being played. That should be a useful addition to the otherwise already very usefull midihub. Thanks for considering!

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I think that it would be really useful if the user could choose between a few conditions that determine on what note the poly aftertouch is transmitted. For example it would be very nice to transmit the poly aftertouch only for the last played note, even when holding down a chord made of several notes. In this way the player could emphasize the last note added to the chord with pressure. Other conditions could be the higher note or the lower note and so on. Recently someone created a voltage modular module for making this kind of conversion and I ended up buying it, but it would be much more useful to have this kind of possibility integrated in MIDIHub

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