Step one note generates cycle note sequence

Hi, there i wonder if it s possible to cycle through a defined sequence of notes with only sending one same midi note.
I d like to use it to generate a bassline hit a kickdrum for example .

THx !

Hey, such event sequences can be made possible by using the Dispatcher pipe to fire a note on the next channel each time:

Note Sequence.mhp (376 Bytes)

Then the Transform pipes are made to work with a single channel, and they replace the note number into a constant, and keep the velocity. The Channel Remap at the end merges the different channel numbers back into a single channel.

Up to 16 steps can be set up this way, just enable more channels in Dispatcher and set up additional Transform pipes.

It could be interesting to enable some channels in Dispatcher, but make them to be dropped instead, so you can sort of add ‘pauses’ in your sequence, or have them play the actual note that is played, etc… :slight_smile:


Thx a lot ! what a quick and nice answer :slight_smile:

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