Nord 3p split to separate midi channels

Hello, I suspect what I’d like to do is pretty simple but fairly new to all this. Hoping to live record on a nord 3p into digitakt sequencer and have each nord pad come in on its own channel (midi track in digi). The nord outputs all 6 pads on the global channel (10). I’d like to listen for the note data and split each note to its own channel. Something like:

note 60 on ch. 10 > note 60 on ch. 1
note 62 on ch. 10 > note 62 on ch. 2
note 64 on ch. 10 > note 64 on ch. 3
note 65 on ch. 10 > note 65 on ch. 4
note 67 on ch. 10 > note 67 on ch. 5
note 69 on ch. 10 > note 69 on ch. 6


Use the Dispatcher pipe, it will rotate every new note to a new channel, choosing only from the enabled channel numbers in its parameters.

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My example address each note individually… also doable alternative :wink:
So, for example note 60 will be always on CH 1
Ch Remap Nord3P notes.mhp (875 Bytes)

edit: just adjust/select the in/out you want (I saved using USB IN >USB OUT


This is exactly what I was after, thanks a lot! Just out of curiosity, would the notes always end up on different channels if one went the dispatcher route?

From the manual:


“ A modifier pipe that upon receiving a note message dispatches it to different channels, rotating and keeping track of empty slots.”

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That was my understanding, thanks.