Step-by-step arpeggiator?

Hello dear colleagues,

I´m trying to figure out how to do this (still unsuccessfully):
I’d like to put together a pipeline that at each note trigger is transposed by X amount of semitones, generating a note cycle (variable by X amount of times) that starts over when it ends.
I mean, like a kind of step-by-step arpeggiator.
Something like the dispatcher pipe, where each new note trigger leads to a different channel, but in this case leading to a new note (or CC number) until it ends the cycle.

Does this make any sense to anyone? (or probably is something super easy to achieve and I didn’t find the right logic).



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Not at all perfect, but something like this could be a part of a solution perhaps?

far from perfect.mhp (440 Bytes)

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Or start with a harmonizer, an arpeggiator and work with a random pipe.

The problem is to repeat the note cycle exactly without adding more randomness I think.

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far from perfect 4.mhp (915 Bytes)

Another take with dispatchers. Still not at all perfect.

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Check this out, it may be helpful:

It won’t do arbitrary sequences, but you can manually trigger the arpeggiator. :slight_smile:


Dear @Claire_Upz and @Giedrius, thank you very much for your help and sorry for my delay.
Everything looks super interesting in my Editor, but I can’t check it in action now.
I moved my studio these days so I have for a couple of weeks to reconnect everything and to be able to test your contributions.
I will tell you as soon as I can check it.
Thanks again.

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