Step one note generates cycle cc NDLR

I am searchin for a solution to step by hitting one dedicated note through a certain row of cc values.
Let´s say press C3 generates CC74 01, press again generates CC74 02, again CC74 03 and at the end CC74 127 it returns to CC 74 01.
That way I could step through the scale modes on my NDLR by pressing just one note button.

Transform pipe is clear but how to do the stepping?

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I’m interested if you find a solution. Would be great to control the NDLR in that way.

Here you go:

Note CC Cycle.mhp (376 Bytes)

Dispatcher produces notes, rotating around channels 1 - 4, and each Transform is set to work with only a specific channel.

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Thank you for your help Giedrius, I have modified it a little bit with a virtual so the channel distribution works only virtual not on the input device (what made me finally understand virtual pipes :slight_smile:

Now I have C to C octave on my Input device exclusive on Channel 2, where the C to B controls the NDLR chord key (CC73 Circle of Fifths) and the upper C controls certain scales on the NDLR (CC74 Major, Minor, etc.)

I´ll try to upload on Patchstorage, maybe it helps someone in his setup.


I saw your upload. Awesome! Looking forward to try it out!


Feel free to ask if it does not work for you, till then I suggest to go step by step through the pipes and work with the midi monitor, lookin what goes in and what goes out.

Midi Monitor is so helpful - thx Blokas!


I needed to come up with some way of controlling NDLR remotely but opted for a subtly different solution, with scale modes, keys, chord degrees and types mapped to individual keys.
I’ve uploaded it onto Patchstorage in case it can help anyone.