Seperating lowest played note


I am looking for the possibility of separating the lowest note from a played chord. This lowest note should then put monophonically to the MIDI output. Is there a chance to do so?

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I don’ think there’s an obvious way to do this (and I wanted to do something similar at one point).
The closest I could get went something like this:
Played chord feeds into a Sustain pipe then the sustain pipe feeds an arpeggiator (set to go “up”) which feeds a distributer pipe into a virtual port. The first channel mapped would be your bass playing channel
To work, you would have to play chords with a fixed number of notes, with the lowest note played first and a distributor pipe with a matching number of distribution channels.
So, far from ideal, but I tried :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! I tried it as you advised, but unfortunately it did not work for me - somewhere in the pipe chains I must have made a mistake. I will try again later! :slight_smile:
But it gave me an idea for a future request: it will be very useful to have a pipe for converting polyphonic inputs into monophonic output, with a necessary option to select note priority (last, first, highest, lowest note).

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My pleasure :slight_smile:
I can imagine a pipe that selected one note from a polyphonic stream based on some criteria (First played, last played, lowest, highest, shortest, longest, etc) might well be extremely useful … I’d definitely use it to create a bass line to accompany the chords played

Same me too, but with a little variation: I have a MIDI master keyboard, a polyphonic synth, a MIDI step sequencer (which transposes the sequencer lines in real time by giving MIDI note input) and a monophonic synth. So the MIDI step sequencer plays the monophonic synth, while I play the polyphonic synth with the MIDI master keyboard. But I also want the step sequencer to transpose. So I play on my MIDI master keyboard a chord with a bass note - and the bass note (and only the bass note) has to be also the transpose-note for the step sequencer. - It’s a job made for the midihub… But you have to seperate the lowest note somehow.

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I’d very much like to see this feature to. Generating a bassline on a monosynth from a played chord would be very, very useful.


I’ve tested your patch from patchstorage, thanks, and a bass split would be great.
This should be moved to Features Request or created there.