Split chord notes to different channels

I’m wondering ithe MidiHub would be able to solve a problem I have encountered.

Could it “split” a played chord sending each note to different channels?

Let’s say I play a three nothe chord, it pipes the lowest to CH1, the middle to CH2 and the highest to CH3?

Yes, Midihub can do that using the Dispatcher pipe :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer…

I have to admit, I don’t grasp the documentation well enough.

How can I setup the device so that it recognizes and splits 3 note chords? What happens if I play a 4 note chord? Will the “extra” note be ignored or sent to which channel?

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In this case, the device would turn off the oldest played note and use that channel again for the new note.

And what if I play less notes than the configured ones?

I’ll try to explain better what I’m trying to accomplish.

I currently use Mididings to “emulate” a brass section. I have set it up so that if I play a 3 note chord the upper goes to the hi trumpet channel, the middle to another trumpet and the lowest to the trombone.

When I play only 2 notes, it automatically sends the upper note to the 2 trumpet channels, and if I play only one, it goes to all three, so, in the end, every “instrument” in the brass section is always playing.

Can this be reproduced with Midibox?

At the moment the Dispatcher pipe does not split the chords into high / low notes, so if you have it set up to use CH 1, 2 and 3, and play less than 3 notes, it would simply use CH 1 and 2. Playing another note would play on CH 3.

We’ll consider expanding the functionality of Dispatcher Pipe (or adding complementary pipes) in future software updates, thank you for explaining your use case. :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering my post.

If it could be possible to create a new kind of pipe that can split chords based on relative height of the chord notes, would be a killer application for me.


I’m interested too. I’ve bought the MidiHub looking for a solution for this exactly application. Wondering when it could be implemented.

Anyway, MidiHub is a great device.