Transpose on lower note only


Midihub can do anything, only my mind is the limit … but I can’t program that idea :

When I play a chord for my arpeggio (thanks midihub for that lovely arp) , i want the lower note to drop 1 or 2 octave down (only the lower note) and then send it to my Moog. By the way, my arp chords are sometimes on the upper notes and other times really low…

I assume it imply the use of Transpose, note Filtering, dispatching, note Remap ?
Do you guys have an idea ?

Thanks a lot !

Not all that simple I’m afraid.
AFAIK, Midihub treats events as separate entities. So it doesn’t do anything like “comparing the N notes_on played in the last M m/s, which is lowest?”

Now, If your playing can make the lowest note (marginally) first and you’re willing to fix the number of notes in every chord to the same number (say 3 or 4), then you could use Dispatcher to send the first note of every chord-cycle to a pipeline where you do your stuff, the rest being treated “normally”.

Only other option I can see would be to only play one note in, and use Harmoniser (& maybe Scale Remap later) to create your chords in Midihub & then send them to the Arp. (only mentioning for completeness as my guess is this would be way too restrictive - or set up weird stuff like using mappings to vary your intervals. Eeek)

Hope I’m wrong. Sorry to disappoint if not…

Afterthought: actually, if you’re willing to try the Dispatcher route, there are some tricksy things you could throw into the mix like

  • hitting that 1st note more than marginally earlier and using a Delay to bring it back in sync
  • keeping the number of notes in a chord at say 5 and using filters to discard notes above say C7
    (that is, deliberately playing 2 high “trash” notes when you want to just play a triad just to keep Dispatcher behaving as you want )

My apologies in advance if this offends your sense of “keyboard purity”!

Thanks !!

My keyboard purity is quite offended but it’ll be okay :slight_smile:

I’m a bit disappointed but at least it means it’s not because of my poor intellectual abilities.

I may try to do it your way.

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I’m glad I apologised in advance!

It may be that this sort of multiple-note-comparison capability gets built into a major firmware update; I know from replies by @Giedrius to other posts in the past few months that it’s a user need that he’s aware of. I got the impression then that it’s something that would take some work to naturally fit a wide variety of playing styles & timings.

If you do, post it up for others to try!

btw, there may be a way with physical-loopback & using One-Shot LFO as countdown timers.
Would probably make most folk throw up their hands in horror.
If it bugs me in the following days I might sit down and scheme it out

Blockquote btw, there may be a way with physical-loopback & using One-Shot LFO as countdown timers.
Would probably make most folk throw up their hands in horror.
If it bugs me in the following days I might sit down and scheme it out

Well… I don’t understand how it could be working so I leave you with that idea.

That would be awesome but I can only imagine the vast complexity and amount of hard work for Giedrus.

This would be a really handy feature!

I wonder if @pydarian wrote a patch that did the job?

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Not yet guys !

I first tried to play my “bass” note on arp with the Order mode. And sorry guys, I just can’t hit every time the bass first . Sometimes I can manage it, some times, I don’t… So I thought your solution might not be for me.

And I didn’t think of the loopback thing !

Quite tricky.

FYI @Karhide Tim, here are Description notes I made in a patch I started last week (to remind me if/when I get around to completing)

All notes get delayed a smidge to allow n chord notes to trigger 1shots (notes pass thro loop to create CC to trigger LFO CC on 2nd pass)

Each LFO trigger CC value (= note_id) will also successively set a Work with Note Number in Range High for Transform

By time delayed notes get to Transform, only lowest will be transformed to note on different channel to be processed differently to higher notes

after last note’s 1shot is allowed to run out, its lowest value then is picked up by a ‘reset’ Transform; so setting the Transform range back to 127 ready for next chord.

Don’t see anyway to make this behave differently for single notes. So user would need button/knob to map to ‘chord mode’

Sketched out as “proof of concept” at the moment.
A few hurdles to overcome.
Even then Would need tailoring to suit individual playing style (the tighter the chord playing, the smaller the “detection delay” could be).

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If you’d like someone to help test just let me know :slight_smile:

‘custom build’ message sent!

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