Note priority for mono-/paraphonic synths

Is there a way of implementing note priority with MIDIhub when processing chords meant for monophonic instruments? There are many monophonic synthesizers out there that have at least rudimentary support such as lowest-note or highest-note priority (i.e., the synth always plays the highest or the lowest note currently active on its MIDI channel), but some lack even that. There are more complex scenarios, particularly with paraphonic synths, that the synths usually don’t handle very well. A way of programming this into MIDIhub would be very welcome, I think.

If there is no way of achieving this at the moment, then I would like to suggest it for the future.


Hey, this feature was suggested by a couple of other users too, we plan to look into it. :slight_smile:


I mostly use my midiHub to play large chords on vst instruments and hardware simultaneously from a single controller so this feature would be extremely useful.