Realizing a Transponator, Help needed

Hi. The Transponator should note-transpose a MIDI stream by an external MIDI-Note.
Lets say the MIDI stream (in C) runs basically thru the Hub, maybe from a Step sequencer. MIDI-IN A to MIDI-OUT A.
Now, from an external keyboard connected to MIDI-IN B, the note “A3” is played and sended to the HUB. The HUB now transposes all incoming notes (IN A) up 9 notes higher to “A3” (on OUT-A) - and the sequence playes in “A” now.
How to realize that? Is there a transpose module which can be driven by external Midi-Notes? Thx


Check out this patch, it should help you to realize what you want, the trick is to transform the note pitch into CC, which than modulates the pitch of the the receiving channel

it also comes with a video explanation.

Enjoy, Robert


Ah, very good, thx! :slight_smile:
I watched the video an this is exact what I need!
(I have a MIDI-Transponator custom made by Georg Mahr for me, but this hardware is occupied with my Tenori-on, so nice to realize transponation with the Midihub to my Sylphyo)

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