Raspberry pi 4 announcement

Today they made the announcement of the new raspberry pi 4 with many new improvements.



We’ll likely need to adjust the Pisound Acrylic Case so it can be used with Raspberry Pi 4, as it has different power input and HDMI connectors.


Can’t wait! The extra RAM can be a big thing. I never thought the processor speed was an issue and I don’t use 4k displays. But RAM has been a severe constraint.

Anyone found stock of 4gb version in Europe?
(Apparently initially there are less available while rPI test the market)

Exciting as it seems like it’s quite a step up from rPI3

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Everywhere I’ve looked the 4GB is back-ordered. I think it might be a delayed release?

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I’ve seen the 4GB variant in stock for a few hours in the morning, seems like it got sold out pretty quickly, I managed to order it in time. :slight_smile:


I think they just put it on pre sale here https://www.tiendatec.es/raspberry-pi/placas-base/1100-raspberry-pi-4-modelo-b-4gb-765756931182.html?src=raspberrypi

In Canada, it sounds like we’ll only get the 4GB in a month. It’s ok, I can wait another month. I’ve been waiting a few years.
I really think the RAM will be a gamechanger. Everything else was upgraded but RAM is the only part which caused performance issues, in my case. Not necessarily with Pisound, but still.
So, how much of PatchboxOS needs to be updated? And what does it change for MODEP?

A new kernel build will have to be made and RPi firmware will have to be installed, should be handled automatically by sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade. This will overwrite the -rt kernel though which is bundled with the images, we’ll make a custom rt build of it once we have the hardware ourselves and can verify the build works. :slight_smile: I see the 4.19-rt had recent updates, so fingers crossed. :slight_smile: