MODEP and Raspbery Pi 4


I’ve just acquired a Pi 4 and was interested to see how well it would work with MODEP.

I downloaded the latest MODEP image and then did an update & upgrade on my PI 3 in the hope that it would then boot on the Pi 4 but sadly not.

Any thoughts on how easy it would be to get the Pi 4 running with it?





Try doing the part that starts with ‘We do not recommend upgrading an existing Stretch (or earlier) system to Buster’ under ‘How do I get it?’ section in this article.

We’ll be looking into upgrading the OS images for RPi4 in the coming week.



Oh dear! Ah well - worth a try. Will look forward to your upgrade release - thanks.

On the plus side the RPi3 seems to be working happily on Buster!

I’d forgotten how good the performance is with the 3 - I might even save the 4 for another project as the 3 seems more than capable for my MODEP needs.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that very occasionally the CPU shoots up to 100% and the audio glitches momentarily. Maybe that’s a side-effect of the Buster upgrade…



BTW Have now reverted to your download image (with no subsequent updates) and solid as a rock on RPi3 :slight_smile:

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