Pi5 Announcement!

With the specs of the new Pi5 I’m willing to bet that 64bit MODEP would have plenty of headroom for NAM!


I reckon about 25-30% cpu usage on standard models…give or take

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Is pisound hardware compatible with it ? I think yes because the spec talk about standard rpi gpio header but … maybe not exactly the same implementation ?
Does anybody know about that ?

Follow this topic for updates: Pisound for Raspberry Pi 5?


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I gave it a try yesterday but no luck yet.

I have a new raspberry pi 5 and just ordered a pisound. My goal is to get this all working with pianoteq. Using the raspbian (raspberry pi os?) 64 bit version I got pianoteq working over USB no problem, but I’m hoping to use the midi in and audio out from pisound with this whole setup. Anyway, I’ll let you know if I can get it working once the pisound arrives; any pointers would be appreciated. I’m hoping it will be as simply as plug it all in and it just kinda magically works but we’ll see. Also I’m hoping I can run the pi 5 without the new cooling gizmo, and that without the new cooling thing it all fits

You really don’t want to be running the pi5 without some sort of heatsink…you’re gonna get drums from thermal throttling pretty quickly. The active cooler is amazing btw, no noise introduced into the audio at all!

Cool I went ahead and added the active cooler thing. I’m curious if pisound will fit on top of the active cooler, or if not if something like this with some longer standoffs would make it work: Adafruit 4079 2 x 20 Socket Riser Header for Raspberry Pi Hats and Bonnets - Amazon Amazon.com