Quick question about the scaler

Is there a way to change the key with a note message?

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Not at the moment, the scale is not currently mappable.

Theoretically, if you could map a bunch of CCs and have something to trigger sending different sets of them on Note On to Midihub, then it could be possible.

In practice, it could be difficult to find hardware or ready-to-use software to do it though… :slight_smile:


Yeah, it would be VERY useful if the scale would be mappable. But that’s been mentioned here before I think.

I have had a midihub since July I think and every update has been awesome. Great work and super helpful community! Can’t say that enough.


My drummer has an electric kit that I’ve been routing into the Midihub. It would nice to be able to guide his generative synths with my midi guitar (jamstik studio) as I play. We’re big on key modulations and free form jamming.


Any chance of this feature being added? You have no idea how useful this would be for me.

Regardless, I love this device. It has become the center of my midi rig.

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There is a chance for that, definitely. :slight_smile: There’s a couple more improvements that can be done to the pipe, like an option to load in custom scales (similar to microtunings), add an option for setting ‘silent’ keys, so they play no note at all, option to set different count of keys in scale, other than 12.


Yes. You line up all the different scale pipes you need, bypassed.
Your controller needs to send 2 messages to activate 1 scale pipe…
1st cc activates desired pipe while the 2nd cc message bypasses all other scale pipes.

This is easy with the Morningstar M6 which lets you stack messages in one button.

good luck


Micrtuning and silent notes would be great too. I’ve done a decent amount of study into micrtuning, but haven’t had a ton of opportunities to use what I’ve learned. There not a lot of good software that incorporated Scala scales.

I can absolutely do this and had considered it. I was looking for a way to do it with the root note of my cord so I wouldn’t have to tap dance. It’s likely going to be my work around though. Thanks for the suggestion.