The one thing that I'd love to see

I have two midihubs and have created a whole bunch of different use cases and applications … it’s a truly marvelous device. I know there’s been a bunch of feature requests, and I’ve contributed to these too, and they’d all be fantastic additions (just as the midi monitor was) … however, if there was one feature that would absolutely change everything for me, it would be this:
A scale remap pipe that mapped incoming notes from one midi channel to those it had received on a second channel.
For me, the use cases are endless. I have the potential for multiple sequencers and arpeggiators from a number of sources to all be going at once, and trying to communicate to each of them to program them to use the same scale or mode and root key is a mammoth undertaking, and can so easily go wrong.
Against that, I do like improvising and reacting to the notes i’m hearing, directing, say, the micromonsta 2 arpeggiator to a new set of held notes to match what else is going on … but you’re limited to whatever scale degree has been preset on all the other instruments (or it’s dissonance hell).

Just how liberating would it be to be able to play a chord on a keystep on channel 15, only to have the sequences from a pyramid and 4 channels of NDLR all switch to notes that match the chord you’ve played?

I’m probably asking for way too much, so I apologise, but if there was one thing …

Great idea! I would really use that in a whole lot of different ways.


Building on that: I was wondering if it would be possible to have all pipes configurable for input and output midi channel ( like in the transform pipe, “works with channel” and “set channel to”). That would just be dope!!

Thanks, Robert