Recreating OXI ONE -style harmonizer with MidiHub

I recently saw a demonstration of the Oxi One hardware sequencer and one feature that stood out was the “harmonizer”. In short it allows you to force other tracks to follow the pitch and rhythm of a designated lead track.

Here is an example video that may describe the feature better:

I was wondering if similar type of functionality could be recreated with the MidiHub?

Edit: It seems others have thought about a similar feature earlier (minus the rhythm alignment):


I was actually able to implement some of what I was describing using a piece of hardware called the Midicake ARP. In many ways, the midicake has similar functionality to the NDLR, but it has the ability to listen to notes one one midi channel and use these as the note/scale template for its four arp channels. The rhythm of the arps, as well as the note play order, can be set in interesting and customisable ways, but it doesn’ track the rhythm of any incoming midi traffic in the way your describe.
I’ve not scratched the surface of this capability at the moment, and will explore driving the midi tracking capability from a sequaencer or midi looper at some point. It still feels as if a few additional creative pipes would allow the midihub to create powerful functionality like the OXI one scenario you describe here, though :slight_smile:

Hey @Squ1ggle, glad you picked this up (and see that it might have got @Claire_Upz thinking about something similar!)

Have either of you guys had the chance to do anything creative with MH’s new Dispatcher Chord capabilities?

I know it doesn’t give the box the capability of analysing and responding to a group of proximal notes like @Claire_Upz is looking for ( and OXI seems to to – though I haven’t found anything explaining definitively what that’s doing [Can you?!]), but it does strikes me its got some creative depth I haven’t yet plumbed.

Hmm. Forgot about the chord-feature. Thank you! At least that will get some kind of interesting results to experiment with, even if I doubt that’s going to be like what I thought of.

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not surprising; @Giedrius squeezed so many goodies into 1.15 it’s easy to lose a few.

I’m hoping some users who are into harmony in a big way are going to find ways of using that new ability to pick out elements of chords with successive or parallel Dispatchers to turn out some neat stuff.
Looking forward to it…

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Hi there, @resonotter.
Sadly, no, I’ve not had time to experiement with the significant new features in the latest update, I’m sorry to say. It arrived at a point where I was finalizing a workflow based on other elements and didn’t have the time or headspace to consider new approaches before some gig commitments.
The midihub still features in the live setup I have, but is more of an intelligent router than a creative or even generative element which was what I was originally hoping to build with it.
I do have three midihubs, though, and one is reserved for experimentation and ad hoc collections of gear. I have half a mind to link it to my new Norns shield and experiment with some of the new pipe functionality to see what happens, but there’s only so many hours in a day :frowning:
Still, I think what you’ve all done with the device is fabulous, and I’m still a big fan :slight_smile:


Not me Phil, all kudos goes to @Giedrius; all I did was try to break everything he built!


Kudos all around I think :slight_smile: