Questions to Presets

Hi all,

I’ve set up four presets which I can access by the “Prorgam +” and “Program -” knob on my keyboard. For this, I had to go to “Device - Settings” and set Input Port to ‘MIDI A’ and the MIDI Channel. Now some questions:

  1. Is the Program Change that my keyboard sends in order to increase the preset ‘eaten up’ by this operation or is it still available and processed by the preset just loaded? That would be great for sending some initializing data.

  2. When I change the preset by the program knob on my keyboard, I can see which program is active on my Midihub. However, when I want to change the preset with the knob on the Midihub, the LED just blinks 2 times and always goes to preset 1. Upon pressing it again, it blinks twice and rests at preset 1. So I have no idea which preset is in effect when using the knob. Is this intended?

  3. When the MidiHub ist powered off and on again, is it initialized as preset 1 or the last active preset?

  4. On the settings, you are able to set the Input Port to ‘USB A’. How is this different from Input Port ‘MIDI A’?

Thank you,


  1. It gets dropped.

  2. What do you mean by knob on the Midihub? You mean you use the knob on the keyboard to send a program change message to Midihub? Are you sure you send a program change within 0-7 range (or 1-8 if your keyboard starts counting from 1)?

  3. It’s configurable in Device Settings - either first preset or the last one saved into memory:

  4. USB A refers to the first USB MIDI port, MIDI A refers to the physical DIN-5 MIDI port. If you use one of USB ports, you can have your computer or other USB MIDI host switch presets via that port.

Thank you very much, Gledrius.

  1. I should have said button, not knob, sorry. I seem not to be able to step through the presets by pressing the button on the Midihub the same way as I have managed to step through the presets by program changes from my keyboard.

  2. Thank you for the clarification. I wasn’t sure whether this setting pertains to the editor or the midihub.

You have to click multiple times - preset 1 is selected by a single click, preset 2 by double click, etc…