MidiHub Program Change

Here is a basic feature request. I would like to be able to configure MidiHub to respond to a particular midi channel, so if it receives a MIDI program change message (1-8) on this channel it will change its current preset.

Hey, yes, this is already implemented :sunglasses:


Perhaps there’s a more appropriate thread for this (ie. Extra Transform options), but I recently purchased an Akai MB76 (a midi-controllable patchbay with input trim) which only responds to program change messages.

My question is if there’s any hope for remapping a CC message to a Program Change message.

Ie. I have an Elektron Rytm/ Four/ Heat, and would like to be able to assign different signal routings per scene on the Rytm, etc.

Regardless, I’ve been incredibly excited to receive this thing, and am beyond grateful for all of your hard work. <3

Yes, the Transform pipe can do such a conversion. It would make sense to be used in conjunction with Rescale to set the range of operation.

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