MidiHub Program Change

Here is a basic feature request. I would like to be able to configure MidiHub to respond to a particular midi channel, so if it receives a MIDI program change message (1-8) on this channel it will change its current preset.

Hey, yes, this is already implemented :sunglasses:


Perhaps there’s a more appropriate thread for this (ie. Extra Transform options), but I recently purchased an Akai MB76 (a midi-controllable patchbay with input trim) which only responds to program change messages.

My question is if there’s any hope for remapping a CC message to a Program Change message.

Ie. I have an Elektron Rytm/ Four/ Heat, and would like to be able to assign different signal routings per scene on the Rytm, etc.

Regardless, I’ve been incredibly excited to receive this thing, and am beyond grateful for all of your hard work. <3

Yes, the Transform pipe can do such a conversion. It would make sense to be used in conjunction with Rescale to set the range of operation.

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Back to my original question: I want to send a program change message to MidiHub and have it respond by changing the current preset. I can’t find anything about this in the documentation. How does it work?

Connect to Midihub via the editor, go to Device->Settings, configure which input is being listened to for Program Change messages. The first 8 programs correspond to the 8 presets.

On Editor 1.11.2 for Mac I see no “Settings” under the “Device” menu.

@John_David_Duncan Please upgrade to the latest versions:

Its MIDIHub Editor > Preferences…

then choose what is in the “red circle”

Ugh, looks like the UI library the editor depends on silently moves the Settings menu item to Midihub Editor->Preferences on macOS :slight_smile: We’ll make it to be Device->Settings in order to be consistent with the other OSes in the next update.


Would it be possible to extend the supported inputs for this to include the virtual ones too? The use-case being ability to transform an incoming CC (or whatever) into a Program Change for the MidiHub itself, to work around this idiotic keyboard controller of mine having bizarre limitations in its ability to send PC messages :sweat_smile:


I’ve looked into allowing CCs directly for preset changes, but ordinary knobs provide too many events, and may even be noisy a bit. As the preset change operation itself is somewhat ‘heavier’, it’s best for it to respond to consistent program change events.

But if you are able to produce clean events, we could add listening to Virtual Ports. :slight_smile:


Right, physical pots and sliders can be a bit chatty for such a purpose (although maybe one could filter it somewhat, heck maybe with MH itself), but there are various other things that could be the source: button that sends that one programmed CC, or Note On/Off messages.

The point really being to allow the full processing capabilities to be applied to anything aimed at the Midihub itself. Right now I guess the PC is only such thing so it doesn’t matter, but a more extensible scheme could be adding Midihub as a pipe output target.