Need some help - one CC to change MH preset

Hi all,

Dumb here … I need to change my MidiHub preset (from 1 to 2) using just one CC from my input.
Is this doable ?

Presets can be changed using Program Change messages, you can configure which port & channel Midihub should listen to in the Device → Settings menu.

Thank you Giedrius,
Unfortunately to do that, I will have to use a free slot on my synth (Yamaha Montage) and since they are limited I wanted to avoid that.

Changing presets by using CC messages is not supported by Midihub on purpose - they can be noisy and unreliable, and may trigger too many preset changes that could impact the device’s performance at that moment. The Program Change messages are ideal for preset switching purposes. :slight_smile:

Hi Vitor

I don’t know if it is still a problem with your situation regarding your synth and transmitting PC# instead of CC# to the Midihub to change preset in it.

If it is, you might want to look into Midi Solutions Event Processor. A handy little gadget that you can program yourself to what it should transmit in regard to what it itself receives.
So i e when you transmit a CC# from your synth, the Event Processor receives that CC# and re-transmit it as a PC# to your Midihub.

If I recall correct you would even be able to program the Event Processor to use the same CC# (i e a button on your synth) to step through a PC#-list to change the Midihub preset. As well as a round-back function (at the last number in the PC#-list, a new press at the CC# button gets you back to the first number in the PC#-list again and so on).